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Sure it's hard rolling out of bed on an early Saturday morning, slapping the asphalt and dodging Rover rolls. But when it's all over and you're tucked in tight with a gaggle of friends in a toasty coffee house, nursing a steaming mug of Jamaican joe, you've got to admit, it was kinda fun now wasn't it?

Help the oganization W.E.A.V.E.
Ken started the Ken Ives Fun Run in 1997 as a way for friends and clients to help a local organization that offers services to women in our area. Since its beginning, the run has been a big hit all around. If you're interested in getting a little exercise and helping out W.E.A.V.E. (Women Escaping A Violent Enviornment), here's how it works: for your first run you donate $25 to WEAVE and you get a jamming' cool T-shirt plus your first cup-o-joe on Ken. For each run after that, chip in an easy $5 bucks for the program and buy your own Java.

Or if you want to be a real champ, a $100 annual donation will get you two (count 'em) T-shirts (one winter long sleeve and one summer short) plus you don't have to raid the cookie jar for the monthly fiver, and Ken will buy all your coffee every time you run. What a deal! So lace up a pair of running shoes and join Ken and the gang for some fun and help donate to a good cause. Make your check payable to WEAVE, and bring your check to the run. We'll credit you for the amount of your donation.