Professional Home Inspections
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Transfer Disclosure Statement
There is a growing concern with home sellers that a complete and thorough knowledge of their home be presented to the buying public. In fact, disclosure has become a point of law. California now requires sellers to impart what they know about a property and attach a "transfer disclosure statement" form to the real estate documents. To make a better home buying decision, the buyer is encouraged to retain experts to inspect the property. A professional home inspection can help reduce the risks and stress associated with a real estate transaction.

Getting your home inspected
A home inspection is a visual evaluation of the accessible components of a home. The inspection helps determine the durability and serviceability of the components. Most home inspectors try to determine if there are any conditions present that pose a potential or imminent hazard and to what degree deferred maintenance might be involved. An inspector will record a report of his evaluation and render the report available for all parties involved in the transaction.

Unknown Hazards
Determining hazardous conditions is one of the cornerstones of a professional home inspection. Hazards unknown to the buyer and seller are duly recorded and recommendations for efficiently correcting the problem are pro-offered. Hazards can be as simple as an faulty electrical socket or loose floorboard, or as ominous as leaking gas valves.